Kids for Oceans Free From Plastic


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Do we stop plastic pollution in our oceans?

By 2050, it´s estimated that the amount of plastic in our oceans will surpass the fish population. A serious threat to marine life, our planet, and our health. However, we have the opportunity to make a significant change and raise awareness.

We invite you to join us in this mission of awareness and transformation. With your valuable support, we can reach over 40,000 students annually through our impactful documentary. Our goal is to educate young people about the various negative effects of plastic pollution. Not only in the environmental aspect but also in social injustices, impacts on the human rights of vulnerable communities, and negative consequences on our health. We are seeking solutions at the source of this problem.

Every contribution you make will play a crucial role in creating a conscious and sustainable future. Together, we can inspire present and future generations to take action in favor of the ocean and the well-being of all living beings.

If you choose the recurring donation option, you will become part of the Rescue Team!